Who We Are

We Will Win Youth Association aims to work with youth-at-risk, with a focus on African Nova Scotian youth, in developing a strong commitment to community, athletic and academic achievement.

This is achieved by:

  • Exploring education/career options and paths for realizing personal potential
  • Developing life skills and competencies, youth leadership and community stewardship
  • Engaging partnerships with families/parent groups/associations, religious and social/civic organizations committed to assisting families, libraries, schools and other educational entities that comprise the community support structure in facilitating and nurturing youth development.

Our board members are:

Colter Simmonds (Vice Chair)

Cherise Hart (Vice Chair)

Anna Jacobs (Secretary)

Gladys Downey (Treasurer)

Mike Brownlow (Auditor)

Rickola Slawter

Damian Stoilov

Kwabby Oppong

Rosaline Saunders

Diane Steele – honorary member



(902) 719 7011